Monday, August 2, 2010

Teen Drawing Prize Winners!

Congratulations to our Teen Summer Reading Prize winners!
  • Stephanie S. won the beach bag full of books!
  • Payten B. won our romantic Twilight bag and books!
  • Allison L. won a bag of horror/adventure books, plus popcorn and a movie!
  • Lilly R. won our craft bag, including a computer camera!
  • Lindsey G. won our fantasy bag, including a big box of temporary body art!

Congratulations to all our teen summer reading participants - come in and get your sweet consolation prize!

  • Cassie S.
  • Erica M.
  • Eva S.
  • Holly K.
  • Jacob N.
  • Jason K.
  • Jordan N.
  • Katie O.
  • Maria V.
  • Morgan Z.
  • Nicholas W.
  • Paige B.
  • Paige S.
  • Rachael B.
  • Sam G.
  • Taylor H.
  • Tighe C.

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