Monday, August 2, 2010

Spotlight on Library Collections: Juvenile Audiobooks

Throughout August, we'll be looking at different spots in the children's and young adult area. Maybe you'll find some treasures you didn't know were there! Today, we're looking at the easy and juvenile audiobooks! Look towards the windows at the side of the children's area. See Garfield? Garfield guards the audiobooks! On the right side of the shelf, there are handy hanging bags with lots of wonderful surprises inside! We've still got quite a few of the traditional book + tape combos, but we also have puppets, learning aids, cd-roms, and book+cd combos, so you can listen to a story while you read along! Don't forget to check out the little display shelf on the bottom, which holds children's music cds. We have lots of fun children's music - Elizabeth Mitchell, Raffi, Dan Zanes and more as well as soundtracks like Harry Potter and Sleeping Beauty! On the other side of the shelf, you can see our small but growing collection of juvenile audiobooks. We have these in three formats - cassette tape, cd, and playaway. Playaways are little mp3 players with a pre-loaded story. You'll need to have your own headphones or earbuds (you can buy earbuds at the circulation desk for $1). Put them in a pocket and carry a story wherever you go!
We have classic like The Secret Garden, Beverly Cleary, and Judy Blume, short story collections from Rabbit Ears, Adventures in Odyssey, Harry Potter, and much, much more!
Stop by and check out a great story to listen to today!

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