Monday, July 12, 2010

Teens Read!

Our teens read! - and here's what they're reading this summer:
  • Taylor H. read The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan and says: I loved this book because it's funny & has a lot of action in it.
  • Stephanie S. read Smells like dog by Suzanne Selfors and says: Homer Pudding lives on a goat farm and his Uncle is a treasure hunter. One day, he is killed by a carnivorous tortoise and gives homer his most prized posession. A dog. This dog turns out to have a gold coin on his collar that turns out to be a membership to his Uncle's treasure hunting club, and the dog can't smell every day things, but he can smell treasure. He becomes friends with a street urchin who betrays him for the evil lady who killed his uncle. Then, she has a change of heart and saves him, and by doing so feeds an evil man to the carnivorous tortoise and has a cobra bite the evil lady. They escape and Homer finds what he has always been looking for, Rumplord Smeller's treasure map. (-:
  • Eva S. read 1-800-where-R-You: When lightning strikes by Meg Cabot (written as Jenny Carroll) and she says: Jess is a normal teen that one day is hit by lightning, through a rod on a set of bleachers. After that she is able to find all missing kids. But, after FBI Agents go after her, she gets help from her friend Rob Wilkins. They manage to get away from the FBI, and wark together to help a young boy that didn't want to be found. Great book and I enjoyed that Jess stood up for herself.
  • Eva S. also read 1-800-where-R-you: Code Name Cassandra by Meg Cabot (written as Jenny Carroll) and she says: In this book Jess, also known as lightning girl, is working at a camp but gets caught up in the case of a missing child. She has already told the FBI that she can't do that anymore, but she was lying. While getting tied up in this, getting enemies, and some extra help from Rob, she manages once again to become a hero, but still with the FBI trying to get her. Great book that was very enjoyable.
  • Eva S. also read 1-800-where-R-you: Safe House by Meg Cabot (written as Jenny Carroll) and says: While Jess is on vacation a cheerleader Amber is killed. Everyone blames Jess for the death, which makes her find Heather, another cheerleader that goes missing. Rob also helps her when she is tied in with Mark, the true murderer. Trus is a major issue in this book. This is not my favorite book of Meg Cabot's, but it was still ok.
  • Eva S. also read 1-800-where-R-you: Sanctuary by Meg Cabot (written as Jenny Carroll) and says: Jess and Rob work together to stop a group of "True Americans." So, they hate colored people, and kill Jess's neighbor, and they hate Jew's so they burn down the Jewish church. Jess and Rob have to save a young Jewish boy, and manage to come out alive themselves. This would have to be one of Meg Cabot's best books ever.
  • Eva S. read Alex Rider: Point Blank by Anthony Horowitz and she says: Alex Rider, a polite schoolboy in London, has to pretend to be a rebel sent to a finish school. His appearance and attitude are changed to do so. Alex goes through a series of fake boredom, and a fake death to stop a man who is making duplicates of rich children. Alex then manages, with the help of the K-16, to stop him. This is one of my favorite books that he has written.

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