Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Reading Stats: Who's on top?

Jackson is holding on to their their teeth! They're at 141 with Westside breathing on their heels at 140! It looks like Tibbets might be out of the race - they're still stuck back at 125. First Lutheran brought in a couple more and is beating St. Pat's, 18 to 16.

We're still hoping to make our new goal of 700 registered and we only need 26 more kids and/or teens to sign up! There's still several weeks left until the program ends on July 31, so stop by the library and start reading!

Babies and Toddlers, join Miss Pattie tonight for Tiny Tots at 6:30!

Our second storywagon will be tomorrow, Tuesday, at 1:30 in the Community Room. We'll be seeing tons of fun science with Steve Belliveau!

Don't forget to drop by the library at the Wisconsin street entrance on Thursday at 3:30 for messy crafts - sidewalk chalk!

Teens take note - we are currently hiring a new youth services aide. Juniors and Seniors are welcome to apply! Only a couple days left to get your application in!

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