Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Teen Reviews

  • Holly K. read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer and says: I loved this book because I can relate to the characters. I feel like all I want to do is read this Book.
  • Holly K. also read New Moon by Stephenie Meyer and says: I loved this book because I have never read any book exept for this one that I am actually addicted to.
  • Tighe C. read Artemis Fowl: Arctic Incident by Eoin Colfer and says: It was a fun change of scene when Artemis found his father at a submarine.
  • Katie O. read No time to die by Elizabeth Chandler and says: I loved this book because it was a thrilling mystery. I couldn't stop reading it!
  • Stephanie S. read The Boggart and the Monster by Susan Cooper and says: Emily and Jessup return to Castle Keep to stay with Mr. M and Tommy for a week. While they are there, they go camping at Loch Ness and bring the boggart with them. Jessup brings them to a Loch Ness Monster research facility, and they see Nessie. Nessie turns out to be a boggart and the cousin of their boggart. They help her turn into a seal and guide her back to safety at Castle Keep, with only a couple of reporters to get through. THE END!

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