Friday, July 23, 2010

Congratulations Summer Readers!

Remember, the last day to turn in your reading logs and earn prizes (or turn in your teen reviews for a chance at the drawings) is July 31! That's still more than a week to get reading!

We have some great summer readers here who have finished the first 10 hours of their log and earned a State Parks Pass, Milwaukee Planetarium ticket, and Old World Wisconsin pass! Old World Wisconsin will be having a grand re-opening this weekend!
  • Annabelle R.
  • R. J. M.
  • Matthew M.
  • Cody B.
  • Kate M.
  • Jessica H.
  • Ashley P.
  • Alexis S.
  • Ariana S.
  • Nora T.
  • Bailey L.
  • Miles K.
  • Mitchell G.
  • Christian S.
  • Erik J.
  • Whitney S.
  • Kaylynn G.
  • Sam W.
  • Olivia M.
  • Mandi W.
  • Brandi W.

More of our amazing summer readers read over 20 hours and won a free pizza from Sperino's Little Italy!

  • Annabelle R.
  • Gwen S.
  • Cody B.
  • Jenna M.
  • Emily M.
  • Mallory L.
  • Tyler W.
  • Brevin K.
  • Erin B.
  • Amanda K.
  • Preston C.
  • Alex J.
  • Whitney S.
  • Isaac J.
  • Clara B.

And, finally, we have our extra fabulous summer readers who read over 30 hours and won a special mystery prize!

  • Mitchell G.
  • Melissa G.
  • Erin B.
  • Isaac M.
  • Karalin O.
  • Charles D.

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