Monday, July 19, 2010

Congratulations Summer Readers!

So, we are ALMOST THERE!! We have a grand total of 698 kids signed up for summer reading - we only need 2 more sign-ups to make our new goal of 700! Westside has squeaked into the lead by 1 registration with Jackson right behind - how about making it a tie folks!

Don't forget to attend the last Storywagon tomorrow at 1:30 - The Bassmeister presents fish and comedy. Fun programs aren't over when Storywagons end - come next week, Tuesday at 1:30 for a fun and educational program with author Sharon Hart Addy!

Congratulations to all our amazing summer readers! The following fantastic kids finished their first 10 hours and won passes to the State Parks, Milwaukee Planetarium, and Old World Wisconsin! (Old World Wisconsin is re-opening this week!)
  • Teyatzin
  • Stephanie R.
  • Sarah H.
  • Hunter B.
  • Jarrod K.
  • Madeline W.
  • Megan W.
  • Emma W.
  • Eden W.
  • Zachary C.
  • Macie K.
  • Gabriel J.
  • Isaac J.
  • Ben W.
  • Alex J.
  • Sam M.
  • Will M.
  • Emily B.
  • Abby G.
  • Eli G.
  • Kacey W.
  • Abigail P.
  • Liz G.
  • Griffin M.
  • Kailee S.
  • Brynn S.
  • Chantel S.
  • Sydney R.

Our next group of fabulous readers read over 20 hours and received a free pizza from Sperino's Little Italy!

  • Chandler L.
  • Colin L.
  • Garrett L.
  • Travis L.
  • Riley R.
  • Emily B.
  • Joel M.
  • Brynn S.
  • Chantel S.
  • Anna B.

Finally, we have a group of very special readers - they read 34 hours, finishing their entire log and winning a special mystery prize!

  • Levi M.
  • Connie H.
  • Chandler L.
  • Colin L.
  • Emily B.
  • Abby N.
  • Danielle N.
  • Chantel S.

Congratulations to all our great summer readers!

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