Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Suggestion Bucket

  • Taylor Swift CDs - We own both the Taylor Swift CDs, Taylor Swift and Fearless. They're located in the adult music under the country music.
  • Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z - We are adding more of this series, however it's a lengthy series and too expensive to buy all at once! Please request from other libraries.
  • Missing books in Alice series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor - There are more books in this series up in the YA area. I've added the missing volumes to our series wishlist, so we'll probably get them sometime, but I'd suggest you request the volumes you want from another library - that will be much faster and there are plenty of copies in the system.
  • More Spider-Man Books - I plan to get some more Spider-Man eventually, but it's not on the list in the near future. Ask at the desk and we can help you find more Spider-Man at other libraries and have them sent over!
  • Care Bear Books - Sorry, but nope. Maybe someday if we start a paperback picturebook collection, but until then....we generally don't collect movie character tie-ins. They're usually only available in paperback or expensive bound editions and their popularity is unpredictable. There are tons available at other libraries, just search for Care Bears as a keyword and request!

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