Thursday, June 3, 2010

Spotlight on New Board Books!

  • Wings by Salina Yoon. There are sparkly things on the inside and the wings on the cover move!
  • Baby EyeLike Red. This is from the same publisher who did those really cool Leaves, Snow, Sticks, Stones boardbooks that Miss Pattie is in love with. It has cool round holes to peek through!
  • Marthe Jocelyn's Summer is really, really cute. Board books, in my personal worldview, are allowed to be cute.
  • Baby EyeLike Lots of Spots. Another one to go with Red!

  • Now that I've discovered Jane Yolen's dinosaur books are available as boardbooks, I want to get them all. This is How do dinosaurs count to ten?
  • Higher, higher by Leslie Patricelli makes a really good boardbook! A little girl goes higher than the trees, the giraffe, the airplane....
  • A Marthe Jocelyn/Tom Slaughter collaboration, Eats is full of simple words and graphics.
  • Finally, a new Busy book! Busy Birdies

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