Friday, June 25, 2010

Congratulations Summer Readers!

We have more winners of the 10-hour pass pack, including a pass to the planetarium, State Parks, and Old World Wisconsin (Old World Wisconsin is currently closed due to tornado damage, but the passes are good through October)
  • Matthew E.
  • Levi M.
  • Isaac M.
  • Ty M.
  • Yzael S.
  • Riley R.
  • Brianna R.
  • Nathan H.

And we even have a couple fabulous readers who have completed the second part of their log and won a free pizza! (I made a mistake when I counted the time - you actually have to read 22 hours, not 20 to get a pizza so extra congratulations!)

  • Matthew E.
  • Jessica E.

Don't forget Storywagon starts next week! Look for exciting new summer reading statistics on Monday!

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