Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Make it and Take it: Dragons love books!

The Tween Favorites Book Club theme was dragons! We read Jackie Morris' gorgeous picturebook, Tell Me a Dragon, which shows different dragons and how they represent different people. Then we created our own dragon art! We also looked at a couple beginning chapter book series, Daisy Dawson by Steve Voake and Down Girl and Sit by Lucy Nolan.

Here we are, getting to work with foil, glue, scissors, sparkly things, glitter glue, and more!

A farm complete with shiny foil horse! (I know it's not a dragon. Artistic license, ok?)

It's hard to tell with my limited photography, But this is actually a story. There's a weird and scary dragon and the cover, along with the story, then you open it up to see the dragon inside!

A very cool and elaborate dragon...if you click on the picture, you can make it bigger and see the details better. Kind of. I'm not very good at taking pictures, obviously.

A glitter dragon and his glittery treasure!

If I took better pictures, you would be able to see this is a fat and hungry dragon with a chocolate layer cake!

A rabbit and a dragon! Um...the fluffy bunnies are going to war against the dragons? Something like that.

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Jackie Morris said...

So glad that my dragons have been having fun with you. With love and best wishes from Wales, home of the red and the white dragons.