Thursday, March 11, 2010

Suggestion Bucket

Suggestion: Get more 39 Clues books PLEASE

Ah, a desperate fan! You will be happy to know that...we are ordering TWO copies of book 8, Gordon Korman's Emperor Code which will be released in April. Just in time for the summer, we will be ordering second copies of ALL the 39 clues books and the last two (Viper's Nest and Emperor Code) on playaway. We have book 1 - 6 on playaway or cd.

Suggestion: More Reading Counts books, especially sports. I like Michael Jordan.

Do you have some specific titles? We plan to upgrade our sports section in 2011 (one nonfiction subject per year!). If you are looking for Reading Counts books, you can look in the old binder on top of the series, which has lists up to 2007, the small green binder, which has lists dating from last summer, or come to the desk and we can look up titles for you on the Reading Counts site.

Suggestion: Avalon Web of Magic series

I've added this to our wishlist of series, but we probably won't be able to get them for a while as I've used up most of my series budget. While you're waiting, you can request them from other libraries - it looks like the whole series is available to request!

Suggestion: Polka Dot Private Eye series by Giff

It looks like most of these are out of print - we don't usually start collecting a new series that has that many of the books out of print. We do have some of the Polk Street Kid series, you might like to check those out!

Suggestion: Put actual games in to check out

This suggestion was actually upstairs, but there's something screwy with our Facebook account where I usually post the teen suggestions. Anyways. If you are thinking of board games and card games, we don't circulate those for two reasons. First, the amount of time it would take to check all the individual pieces every time it was returned and bug people to find missing pieces and second, we want them available to be used in the library.

If you're talking about computer/Wii/Playstation games, I do hope to start a gaming collection for circulation someday! However, we first need an improved security system (hugely expensive) room to shelve them (new shelves, also hugely expensive) and money in the budget to purchase them (just doesn't exist right now). But it is something I hope to do someday!

Suggestion: Make a movie night like on Friday with popcorn and drinks for sale and the movie should be good (I think that says good?)

Well, here we run into budgeting again....a movie license is VERY expensive and we just didn't have the budget to renew it this year, especially as we didn't use it very much. Why didn't we use it? Well, staff are also expensive! and we didn't have someone available to supervise a regular movie night. We will be having a movie night at Halloween, as we did last year. You can also pop over to Lake Geneva, where they have regular movie nights for kids and teens!

Suggestion: Put crafts out all the time

We do have crayons and coloring pages available in the children's area. We have a lot of crafts in our programs - with each storytime and on Monday afternoons for older kids - so we don't have extra materials to put out. Plus, we don't really have a place to do that. We do plan to have some open craft times in the Storyroom in August.

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