Thursday, October 21, 2010

Suggestion Bucket

We've gotten some great suggestions in the children's suggestion bucket over the past few weeks! Here they are, along with our responses:

Get the book: Run like a fudgetive. I'm assuming you mean "Run like a fugitive". I wasn't able to find this title anywhere - there's a book in a series called "Maddie's Magic Markers" by this title, but it's out of print. More information, please!

Get more words for your magnet board, be more creative. Dana, I don't think we have space for more magnet words, but I'll put it on the teen area wishlist. We'll be having several teen creative programs in the winter/spring, keep an eye on the library calendar and bulletin board upstairs! You might also like to check out Lake Geneva public library, they have a teen program called "Express Yourself" for writing, poetry, and I think art.

More Goosebumps movies. Coming up! I just ordered a stack for Halloween!

Get Ben 10 movies. Coming up! I just ordered season 1!

More Star Wars movies. Coming up! I just ordered another season of the Clone Wars!

I wish you had Ramona and Beezus the movie. Coming up! I just ordered it! You might want to go ahead and put a hold on it, since lots of people will be waiting to see it.

2010 Guiness Book of World Records. We do own this, unfortunately it is being repaired. Ask a librarian to help you request a copy from another library!

A lot of greek god kind of books. Have you seen the new mythology books in our juvenile comics section? We have Zeus and Athena, both by George O'Connor.

A lot of vampire books! Check out our paranormal romance reading list upstairs in the teen area or ask a librarian for suggestions - we have lots of vampire books and can get you even more from other libraries!

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