Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Crispy Fall Reads: My Cousin the Alien by Pamela Service

Do you have weird relatives? Maybe a nutty sibling? Well, Zack has the Weirdest. Cousin. Ever. His Cousin, Ethan, thinks he's an alien. Not only is Ethan positively convinced he's an alien, he's sure weird guys from the government are following him around. And Zack has to spend The Entire Summer (okay, okay, a couple weeks) with this crazy guy?

Except....weird guys are following his cousin around. And if that's true....could Ethan really be an alien?

This story has an ending so shocking, so unexpected, so amazing...

I can't tell you what it is, because it would spoil the story.

Enjoy My Cousin the Alien and all the hilarious, exciting, and utterly fun books in Pamela Service's Alien Agent series.

Find them in the juvenile fiction (chapter books) under J SER

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