Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spotlight on New Young Adult books!

These two books are very gritty, as is clearly explained in the first chapters.

Kinda a weird handful of books here. If your parents are divorced and you are a teenager, you should read Split in Two. The only really practical book I've ever seen on how to live in two places at once - and deal with all the other divorce stuff that happens. Specifically for teens. The last Scott Pilgrim, for those who are fans...a new Marlene Perez...and Brain Camp. The part where the alien bird creatures came out of their mouths was kind of gross, but I love Faith Erin Hicks' art anyways.

Argh! Will the Clique never end? I admit I am very, very tired of buying this series. If you desperately want the other Lisi Harrison series, Alphas, Monster High, Clique manga, or more Clique as they come out, give me a yell now, otherwise they're going off the order list. We have two copies of Mockingjay, you will notice this is the 3rd Maximum Ride Manga, and thanks to a request I bought Keys to the Repository.

I have no idea if I am number 4 is good or not, but it's apparently going to be a movie. I'm working on getting all the Dragon Ball manga, but they keep getting cancelled before I can order them, so we're not getting them in order. Beautiful: Truth's found when beauty's lost won a Christy award (Christian fiction - this one for teens). Would you like to see more in this genre?
Someone donated number 1 of Dragon Hunter, so I added a few more and we have 1-5 now. Hopefully, we'll be getting lots more manga to fill in our series next year...


Liz said...

Sheesh -- I didn't know the Clique series was still around! My 20-year-old used to ("used to" being the operative words here) love those but hasn't in several years now.

My oldest and youngest girls are still in YA mode -- because neither are currently in college so have a little more time! I read some of the ones that they highly recommend to me. ONe of their recent recommendations in YA fiction is "A Wind in Montana" by Mitch Davies. They liked it because for once there WERE no vampires or faeries or whatever (though they like those books too). Instead it was just regular high school kids going through regular high school things, kind of as one did go through it and the other currently is. Especially with the younger one, it reinforced to her that she is herself, that she has a course of action she wants to take. And she's doing a good job of presenting to us why she wants to pursue this course of action.

I'll send them this link so they can do the pre-reading for me once more! Thanks.

MML Info said...

Yeah, they're still publishing them - and the author has a similar series, Alphas, that's still being written and a new paranormal series coming out. Thanks for the recommendation, I haven't heard of Wind in Montana!