Saturday, September 4, 2010

Spotlight on New Juvenile Movies!

I'm still working on replacing old VHS and filling in gaps - I don't know why we never got A Series of Unfortunate Events, but here it is. I also got us the complete BBC Chronicles of Narnia and a collection of classic Dr. Seuss shorts. I'm also replacing our missing Disney movies as I have the money. They are EXPENSIVE and people keep STEALING them, which makes me grumpy.
We have more preschool series as well, a new Curious George, several Busytown collections, new VeggieTales (I don't like their latest ones as much as their earlier efforts, but that's how it goes) and Martha Speaks. I am not a fan of Martha Speaks, but enough people have asked for them that I've gotten them.
Now this is more fun! Superhero movies! You'll have to wait your turn for Ironman, I am watching them. Explosions!

Is Free Willy still popular? Guess we'll find out. I bought TWO copies of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. At the moment, there are 38 copies in the library system and 252 holds! We have a second copy of Percy Jackson in the rental collection.

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