Monday, August 23, 2010

Spotlight on Library Collections: Nonfiction videos and dvds

Today, we're looking at a pretty new collection! Long, long ago in the dark ages, our nonfiction dvds were shelved in with the nonfiction books. Now, this was pretty cool if you were looking for stuff on Panda Bears and discovered a movie on Panda Bears. Woot! But not so cool if all you wanted was movies about trucks and you had to look through all the truck books. Plus, our poor little movies got squished by the big mean books. So, we pulled them all out and shelved them together.
You know where the kids' movies are? Of course you do. Go down to the end, to the Sesame Street and Thomas the Tank Engine dvds. Turn around.
Ta da! We have movies on zoos and museums and drawing. We have movies on how to play baseball, lots and lots of Mighty Machines, and a wide selection of movies on fish. Hey, why not? Fish are cool!

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