Thursday, July 1, 2010

Teen Reviews

Our Teens Read - and here's what they're reading:
  • Stephanie read Nancy Drew: The Mystery of the Glowing Eye by Carolyn Keene and says: My favorite character in this book was Ned and I liked him because Ned was able to help Nancy with the mystery although he wasn't with her. He was abducted but left clues behind for Nancy to find in order to solve this mystery. He also showed persistence by never giving in to Cyclops.
  • Stephanie also read Zits: Crack of Noon by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman and she says: My best friend should read this book because this book is full of humor and is destined to give you a laugh. It takes the life of an average 15 year old and spices it up to make it funnier but still realistic.
  • Stephanie also read Marcia's Madness by Lauren Baratz-Logsted and she says: The sister eight have reached a new month and it is now all about Marcia. First, she tries to take away Annie's job as head of the house and suceeds in doing so by cheating in the exam through using her new x-ray vision gift and gets a better grade than Annie. She helps out the family by telling them when the wicket is writing to Social Services. Annie invites Pete and his wife to cover as their Aunt and Uncle. They sucessfully defeat the Wicket, Marcia admits to cheating, Annie becomes leader again, and Marcia recieves her gift of a poncho/jacket for concealing things. next month, Petal will recieve her new gift and power!
  • Paige read Cecile Gates of Gold by Mary Casanova and says: I loved this book because the author wrote this book in a way that kept you reading and she helps you be more connected to the characters.

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