Monday, July 26, 2010

Last Week of Summer Reading!

The summer reading program (and all children's programs) end July 31! We have a fun and busy week ahead of us - babies and toddlers join Miss Pattie for Tiny Tots tonight at 6:30, all ages are invited to Sharon Hart Addy's Right Here Quiz on Tuesday at 1:30, and we'll have one more Wii Kids on Wednesday (3-4) and one more messy craft on Thursday (3:30). Of course we also have toddler and preschool storytimes!

Summer Reading Participants! Don't forget to attend our end of summer reading parties! Teens are invited to an after hours pizza party at 6pm on Friday, July 30. We'll have pizza, Wii, beading, and hide and seek in the library! Kids are invited for the end of summer reading party on Saturday, July 31st at 10:30. We'll have ice cream, giant art, and face painting by Suzanne Malestic.

We hope to see lots more fabulous summer readers finishing their logs this week, meanwhile here are some of our amazing readers who finished their first 10 hours!
  • Hannah H.
  • Taryn S.
  • Delaney S.
  • Brianna K.
  • Rachel H.
  • Nicholas S.
  • Zachary S.
  • Enrique M.

More fabulous readers who read over 20 hours and received a free pizza from Sperino's Little Italy:

  • Hailey C.
  • Justin C.
  • Ethan K.
  • Brianna K.
  • Summer P.
  • Paige L.
  • Cassidy Y.
  • Jackson Y.
  • Stephanie R.

And even more fabulous readers who read over 30 hours, finished their log, and received a special mystery prize!

  • Mackenzie S.
  • Ethan K.
  • Brianna K.
  • Summer P.
  • Scott R.
  • Stephanie R.

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