Monday, June 21, 2010

Teen Reviews

Here are a few more teen reviews!
  • Katie read Don't Tell by Elizabeth Chandler and she says: I loved this book because: It is about a mystery and a love story all in one!
  • Stephanie read Nancy Drew: Green-eyed monster by Carolyn Keene and she says: In this book, George is given a free ticket to Costa Rica to a nature hotel, so she brings Nancy and Bess with. The hotel they are staying at has just opened for the first time, so the hpress is there for free too. Then, things start going missing (a dog), people get hurt (busdriver), and they recieve mysterious and threatening messages (Frankie + Sarene). Frankie, a journalist offers to "help" Nancy. She follows Nancy around and incriminates people without a motive while Nancy tries to do things her own way and ease information out. While on the computer, she finds incriminating evidence against the chef and Frankie walks in and dramatically accuses him even though she never thought it was him. Nancy sneakily finds out it was really the chef's daughter who stole the dog, and she tells everyone. Frankie still takes all the credit though by printing up a story in the New York Globe about her big role with no help. Nancy then finds a dead sea turtle with a note on it! The crime isn't yet solved, only one little link out of the entire mystery has been solved.
  • Stephanie also read Smile by Raina Telgemeier and she says: My teacher should read this book because: This book is a great example of the life of an average teenager at school. She experiences crushes, disasters that could ruin her social life, the loss of friends, peer pressure and the need to fit in, bullies, and finally a feeling of belonging when she finds a real group of friends she fits in with. This is also a non fiction book and the main character is the author so it is up to date and accurate.

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