Thursday, June 17, 2010

Teen Reviews

For our teen summer reading program, the teens are writing a short review of each book they read, which then goes into our end of summer drawing! Here are two reviews from Stephanie - I'm glad to see teens still love Nancy Drew!

Nancy Drew: The Sign of the Twisted Candle by Carolyn Keene
In this book, Nancy was forced to solve the mystery without the aid of her friends George and Bess. Mr. Asa Sidney had a mixed up past and at one point his wife, a Boonton, left him. After that all the Boonton's and the Sidney's hated each other. Nancy's father is helping Asa with his will when George and Bess snub Nancy. She then learns they are Boonton's and think she has sided with the Sidney's. When Asa dies, he left his fortune to the maid Sadie. Then Said's foster parents go to great lengths to try to recieve all of the inheritance left to Sadie and even kidnap her! Nancy Drew finds her and arrests the foster parents with the help of her Dad, Mr. Hill (a banker), a Boonton, and a Sidney. Sadie receives her fair share of the inheritance, and also finds out why she is so important. She is the only living link of a Boonton and a Sidney. After that, Bess and George become friends with Nancy again.

Nancy Drew: The Bungalow Mystery by Carolyn Keene
In the beginning, Nancy is boating with her friend Helen when a terrible storm hits. They almost drown but are saved by Laura, a young lady who's mother just died. Her new guardian is Jacob Aborn, a mean man. Laura runs away and stays with Nancy for a while because Jacob Aborn is trying to take her mother's jewels and her money. Nancy soon finds out Jacob Aborn is really Stumpy Dowd, a notorious criminal and the real Jacob Aborn is being held hostage in a near by bungalow. Nancy, Laura, and Mr. Drew chase Stumpy, and finally catch him when he turns too fast and falls off of a cliff. He is brought to the hospital then put in prison. Laura is then introduced to the real Jacob Aborn, her guardian, and finds she is not a pauper but extremelly rich. Laura then lives happily ever after with her new guardian, and gives Nancy one of the jewels to thank her.

Great reviews Stephanie! You have marvelous handwriting (-:)

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