Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Suggestion Bucket

We had some great suggestions over Spring Break!

Suggestion: Captain Underpants

We do actually own lots of Captain Underpants books! They are in the juvenile fiction (the shelves under Garfield). Dav Pilkey has a new book coming out this summer - The Adventures of Ook and Gluk!

Freddy Books

I'm guessing this is Freddy the Golden Hamster? I have ordered a replacement for the first Freddy book and I've ordered the fifth and final book. We own all the others! Or were you looking for Freddy the Pig? We do have a couple of those as well. They're all in the juvenile fiction (under Garfield)

A computer that doesn't need password/pin

Short answer: Sorry, not going to happen. We have limited resources and all patrons have to share the computers - that means keeping track of how much time everyone has used. That means logging in with library card number and pin. There are lots of other reasons, but this is the basic one.

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