Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Make it and Take it: It's Show Time!

  • Our project today was making small cardboard theaters and spoon puppets! I used shirt cardboard (which I buy in bulk from S&S Worldwide) and our plain bookmark die cut to cut a rectangle out of the top. Then I spread out the goodies! We had paint, shiny things, cloth, felt, eyes, chenille, yarn, and of course glue! The washable paint did NOT work on the spoons, but I found some acrylic paint which did.
  • We started out painting our theaters flat and bent the sides to make them stand up after they dried.

  • A rainbow theater with two princesses (they're not quite done in this picture)

  • Christmas aliens in space!

  • I convinced (heh heh) a teenager to join us. It's hard to tell, but those cool swirls of paint have tinier swirls of different colors inside them. Cool, huh?

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