Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spotlight on New Board Books!

  1. Our first new series of board books is created by Play Bac, a series called EyeLike Nature. Miss Pattie has tested these out in toddler storytime and they are a HUGE hit! Full of excellent, natural photographs, these will enthrall babies and toddlers and encourage them to enjoy the outdoors. There are four books in this series: Stones, Sticks, Leaves, and Snow.

  1. Our second new series isn't, strictly speaking, a board book series. They're called Indestructibles and are made out of a washable, resistant, non-toxic material similar to packing material. Each page shows a bright, colorful collage of an animal, bird or bug. Miss Pattie tested these for us too and toddlers love the bright colors and finding the different creatures on each page.

  1. Finally, we have a lovely pile of Leslie Patricelli's excellent board books. These are fun, simple stories, like The Birthday Box, where a baby gets a marvelous present for his birthday, concepts like Big Little or Yummy Yucky and stories of a baby's favorite things, Binky and Blankie. Great for toddlers!

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